No Brainer Breakouts or How An Early Bird Catches A Worm

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Will I win or will I lose by the end of November 2009?

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  1. Win

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  2. Lose

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  1. If you underleverage your initial winner(s) and generate successful trades, and then experience a series of trades where the market consolidates and you experience a series of losers, your system fails.

    What you are doing is creating a model based on gambling, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but you just can't take it to the bank.
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    Did you vote?

    You can take it to the bank & it won't fail. I have seen so much p/a that it is not a gamble to say that it is Holy Grail in trading :)
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  3. You notice how the "Lose" bar has been steadily increasing? :D

    Yea, I voted.
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  4. I take it that your average number of whipsaws is much less than 50 then?
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    50? You will fail to find a chart that would whipsaw in a range 50 times :)
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  6. Hey I know!

    If he adds a coin-flip along with his martingaling he might be on to something.
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  7. Of course I will. Mainly because I won't look. But your idea has merit.
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  8. flatron


    Obviously you will win. Of that I am very sure.
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    TY! You see if I was to choose a range of say 500 ES points, then there would be little point in this exercise, but what is ES's ATR for the last 20 years? If you know a value of an average oscillation, then it becomes less of a coin toss to estimate range of next oscillation. Bring in timing factor it becomes even less of a coin toss.
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  10. You must be the third richest poster in ET. I'm very happy to have found you.

    Let's not wake up any more fools. Please close the thread a.s.a.p.
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