No Black Monday Posts? What does that say about sentiment?

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  1. The opposite scenario could also materialize: if it does not go lower then it will bounce, or might stay the same.

    As to the bounce strength, we should consider two options here: either it will exceed 11.65 points or bounce by a lesser amount. In the former case, some profit taking could take place, albeight only temporary.
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  2. Next week the S%P will be down 5%...but the Fed will NOT ease :D

    A 5% fall next week will only in the S&P will only bring us back to just shy of where we were in February will it not?

    Big deal!:D :D :D :D :D
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  3. Cruzan


    I see three possibilities for Monday:

    1. Dow will go up less than 100 points.

    2. Dow will go down less than 100 points.

    3. Dow will go down more than 100 points.

    In other words, there's a moderate chance for consolidation and taking a breath, but also a significant chance for a further major break downward. I feel there's little chance of any kind of bullish heartening rebound.
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  4. Problem fixed, I bumped the Black Monday thread for y'all
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