NO BIG BEN!!! *A reason for wearing a helmet*

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    He's obviously not a complete idiot - some parts are missing !!!
  2. He might be an idiot for not wearing a helmet and riding motorcycles and putting himself in risky situations.

    But he is still a SUCCESSFUL idiot :D

    Hope he is okay.

    I bet that law for wearing helmets is the first thing going back into law.
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    Of course !!
  4. You'd a thunk he - and all motorcyclists, especially rich athletes - would have learned from the Jason Williams crash a couple of years ago.

    Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is just stupid, and I say that having done so myself a long time ago when I thought I was invincible.

    Two rules about motorcycling:

    1) There's no such thing as a fender bender on a bike, and

    2) There are two kinds of riders: those that have been down and those that are going down.
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    I've been riding for many years (still do) and the version I always heard was a slight variation, that there are 3 kinds of riders:

    1) those that haven't gone down... YET
    2) those that have gone down
    3) those that have gone down and are going down again

    Nevertheless I'm against the government imposing helmet laws and prefer not to use one myself (although where I currently live I'm required to). I rode for quite a few years without a helmet and find, for the most part, it's actually safer in the preventative sense as I had much greater awareness of everything around me. Especially compared to full-face helmets which block off alot of the sounds and most of the peripheral vision. Of course if I'm in an accident I wish I had one on, but by the same token when I'm in an accident I wish I were in a tank and had a few inches of steel around me. In any case, I hope Big Ben recovers and all the do-gooders in the government don't take it upon themselves to make further restrictive laws.
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    I had a few bikes growing up. I sold my last bike very shortly after they made a helmet law in CA.

    I was only riding a 550 and found that to be too light for highways. So I was using it for commuting, especially for school parking lots.

    I found that when I wore my full helmet. I had much less awareness of what was around me. I felt a little disoriented because I was not getting the sensory input I was used to.

    I know that as you start to go fast the wind noise cuts out most other sounds but driving between the beach where I lived and school I was not going all that fast.

    So my calculus was, sure the helmet may save me some crashes but the crashes they would save me in were some of the ones I would avoid by having the helmet off.

    Wow magna I wrote this as you were writing.
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    Hey jem,

    I was always a big fan of Governor George Deukmejian (R), as the democrats would keep passing helmet laws and he would keep vetoing them. Later Pete Wilson (R) took a mother who had lost a son on a bike and paraded her around to get the law passed again. He was always a wimp in just about everything he did so I wasn't surprised. Anyway, strongly considered moving to a less restrictive state since I had been riding without one for many years, but ended up hanging around for personal and business reasons. Oh well, I wear open-face much of the time and, like most laws, live with it.
  9. Is his arm okay?
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