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    I don't even come close to pretending to be a psychologist, but I can't help trying to understand the situation that leads people to do horrible things. In particular, these school shootings, the last one being almost unbearable. So I would like to throw things out there and see where they go.

    I think the greatest clue is that he killed his mother. From his point of view (however twisted):

    1) He killed his mother so she would not see what he was doing.
    2) He killed his mother so that she would not have to bear the pain of what he did.

    Bobby Fischer once said that kids without parents become wolves. He understood this all too well, never having a father and essentially being abandoned by his mother. Luckily for him he found an art form to bury himself in. An unstable home is the harbinger of many of societal ills.

    The fact that he killed children is also not random:

    1) He was bullied by children at this age (he was probably awkard even at this age) and had horrible memories of it. He had unresolved issues that most of us resolve and he couldn't.

    In a CNN interview, his mother was looking to move and "start over"

    1) Theory, the school system could not handle him, made him feel horrible and isolated him even more. "Babysitting a mentally challenged child is not their problem". School systems are full of people that are overwhelmed by what should be a joy (to learn) instead is a horrible situation full of stress, memorizing things that in most cases have little meaning except to a corporation at some job. Add to that children with special needs, and it becomes unbearable for everyone. Resentment everywhere.

    But why this school? Whas that random?
  2. Interesting, nitro. My mind sees correlations in even in uncorrelated things

    Hurricane Sandy

    Sandy Hook
  3. I wouldn't think you would find statistical significance to what seems like an outbreak of public mass murder... there are like 300 million people in the US... they say something like 40 percent of people have been molested... everywhere you go there are broken family's... misunderstood children.... actually contemporary times has been good to kids... in the days of the plague they would stick kids out as poison pigeons to see if it was safe to live in places... but no taking away from this situation. Horrific.. I'd love to know the sequence of pyschotophics and treatments or lack of he had... hate and resentment is a black cloud of poison....
  4. No, nothing this premeditated is ever random.
  5. I do think the sequence of killing the mother first is odd... I would think in a hate crime he would want her alive to be aware of his doings
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    he was student at the school before so he wanted to wipe out the painful past.
  7. weird, why didn't he go after the folks who hassled him rather than innocent kids?
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    Normal, healthy adults can never seem to wrap their heads around the fact that psychopathy is a common deviation in the human gene pool. 1-2% of the population meet the criteria for clinical psychopathy, to varying degrees. Throw-in the adolescent proclivity for extreme risk-taking and anti-social tendencies, and yes, we have a problem.

    Dalhmer, Manson, Bernado - they all engaged in deviant behavior in their teenage years - animal mutilation etc - before they spread their wings to bigger prey. The Columbine fuckheads, this Adam kid, if they made it through their twenties without taking a life, would have ended up like the serial killers that went before them.
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    if he played with barbie dolls and cut them to pieces with a victrorinix swiss army knife would u asked they be banned to under 17 year olds.

    why do people come up with simple answers which are just wrong?
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