No AGW Say 20+ NASA Scientists

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    President Obama warned in his second inaugural address of some who "may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science." Is he talking about the former NASA scientists who say man isn't warming Earth?

    The most famous NASA scientist is James Hansen, the political activist and expert on the Venusian atmosphere who sounded the man-made global warming alarm at a 1988 congressional hearing.

    He's just one man, but the media and the political left have made him out to be an infallible voice on climate change.

    We live in a society where dissent from the left-wing narrative is not tolerated. So it's no surprise that more than 20 retired NASA scientists and engineers are not getting the same media treatment that a single doomsayer whose quarter-of-a-century-old prediction has not come to pass. The opinion of that one man will outweigh that of more than 20 because it fits the script.

    Consequently, it's up to us to tell the public what these scientists and engineers, who call themselves The Right Climate Stuff, are saying:

    • To begin with, the group has determined that "the science that predicts the extent of anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming (AGW) is not settled science."

    • Second, the group says "there is no convincing physical evidence of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming."

    • Third, it believes the "computer models need to be validated before being used in critical decision-making."

    • Fourth, the scientists and engineers also argue that "because there is no immediate threat of global warming requiring swift corrective action, we have time to study global climate changes and improve our prediction accuracy."

    Finally, they say that Washington is "over-reacting" on global warming and suggest that a "wider range of solution options should be studied for global warming or cooling threats from any credible cause."

    The group reached these judgments by reviewing, studying and debating the "available data and scientific reports regarding many factors that affect temperature variations of the earth's surface and atmosphere."

    It didn't develop a flawed temperature record that resembles a hockey stick.

    Nor did it attempt to panic Congress and the public with a scary prediction that was considerably off the mark. The group looked at the facts — which means the media aren't likely to give it a look.
  2. and yet 97% of the worlds climate scientists and all the world's science organizations agree on the basic reality of AGW. So really, your 20 NASA scientists, the majority of whom are not climate scientists but political motivated hacks, really don't even amount to a small turd.

    BTW I have still not seen a single relevant chart from the moron deniers whereas I have posted many.

    Hint: Charts that cover hundreds of millions of years are NOT relevant as the effect we are looking for has only been for a hundred or so.

    For example, this is a relevant chart I have posted many times:

  3. Armed with the facts that CO2 is certainly and undeniably a greenhouse gas and that levels have certainly and undeniably gone up around 35% over the last two hundred years, certainly and undeniably from the burning of fossil fuels, the conclusion is inexcapable to all but the stupidest of politically constrained ideologues.

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    Because the United States and some other nations have prematurely accepted the AGW advocates points of view and conclusions as correct, a large amount of manpower and money is being spent on an attempt to ameliorate the supposed rise in global temperature. And, also because of the colossal impact on national economies needed to make significant climate changes (if this were possible,) we believe it is critical to be certain of the reality of the conclusions on this subject. During the course of the study, reports will be provided for peer review as well as for information to the general public.

    Summary (The indisputable logic)
  5. From the cited article....

    "The Right Climate Stuff (TRCS) research team is a volunteer group of more than 20 scientists and engineers who are primarily retired veterans of our manned space program."

    In other words the TRCS research team is a bunch of old Faux News watching Republican farts who are not climate scientists and think that being astronauts and engineers qualifies them to weigh in on a subject that they not qualified to talk about.
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    That group includes climate scientists.
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    read your note at the bottom left of your chart.
    if virtually concedes CO2 accumulation comes after warming. Warming is the driver of CO2 accumulation throughout earths history.
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    that is complete bullshit...
    you already know that was a cherry picked data point of scientists published in pro global warming journals.

    I have shown you there is massive dispute in the scientific community.
    That you continue to lie with that sill stat shows you have zero confidence in real science.

    Show us one study which says CO2 caused warming on earth.

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    given that every educated person now nows that temperature precedes CO2 accumulation and dissipation...

    the very best the agw nuts can come with is that CO2 amplifies warming which already occurred. Which is a guess....

    here is a summary of the very recent agw paper... admitting warming started the release of CO2 and then tossing in their greenhouse theory...

    this is from an pro agw website....

    A 2012 study by Shakun et al. looked at temperature changes 20,000 years ago (the last glacial-interglacial transition) from around the world and added more detail to our understanding of the CO2-temperature change relationship. They found that:

    The Earth's orbital cycles trigger the initial warming (starting approximately 19,000 years ago), which is first reflected in the the Arctic.
    This Arctic warming caused large amounts of ice to melt, causing large amounts of fresh water to flood into the oceans.
    This influx of fresh water then disrupted the Atlantic Ocean circulation, in turn causing a seesawing of heat between the hemispheres. The Southern Hemisphere and its oceans warmed first, starting about 18,000 years ago.
    The warming Southern Ocean then released CO2 into the atmosphere starting around 17,500 years ago, which in turn caused the entire planet to warm via the increased greenhouse effect.
    Overall, about 90% of the global warming occurred after the CO2 increase (Figure 2).

    and here is the graph showing you
  10. The bottom line is how is the human race affected by climate change?
    Global warming is a net benefit for the future of mankind
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