No $700 Billion Taxpayer Bailout We Don't Need It...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TT1, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. TT1


    Contact your Representative and Senator and tell them to Vote NO on this BS Bailout!!!!

    We don't need this bogus $700 billion taxpayer bailout. It's a complete FRAUD by Treasury Sec Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke on the American people. They want to bailout Wall Street at our expense. Paulson and Bernanke want to include credit card receivables, auto loans, commercial real estate loans, Foreign Banks, their BS Bailout!!!

    1. Just change the friggin Accounting rules regarding "fair value accounting". Market to market accounting of these toxic illiquid loans to unrealistic levels is the whole problem!!!

    2. Bring back the Uptick rule for shorting stocks!!!

    3. Let our free market economy be a free market!!!
  2. lasner


    If they don't bail them out we will go into a need the bail out.

    During the great depression the fed didn't bail out the banks and that had a lot to do with why it was so bad
  3. I'll speak to the senators when I make my speech in the senate this month... see what they got to say.

    I shall report back to you here with their comments !
  4. K.C.


    Exuberant Irrationality
  5. poyayan


    If it is a credit crunch problem, then create a national bank with 700B seed money, have government spent it all, invite foreign banks to lend in US or cut tax rate and give it to american.

    Anything other than handing 700B to the same group of people that create this mess and ask them to fix it.

    Heck, I am even ok with Helicoper Ben actually boarding a helicoper and rain down money on the street.