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  1. Making a nice little move up extemely cheap stock, Volume has taken off today taking the price with it. Just a heads up.
  2. Is the market cap on that stock $30,000 or am I reading it wrong. Outstanding shares 125,000 stock trading at 25c? Strange company. I have a car worth more.
  3. Float: 120,000,000 as of 2005-05-01

    Current Capital Change:
    shs decreased by 1 for 100 split
    Record Date:
    Pay Date: 2005-06-17
  4. 1.2 million float, 300,000 market cap
  5. NNGY up a bit, check out PPTL moving north as we speak, these stock needed a little news to trigger something.
  6. NNGY rocking and rolling as we went as high as .33 cents up from .20, check out the website for news on the conference call coming up Aug 15th

  7. Let the flaming begin...
  8. Could be a break out here charts looking great.
  9. .35 and climbing
  10. WOW is all I have to say NNGY update .47 bid .48 ask
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