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    Does anybody know NNFXS. They sell a neural net software.

    Thanks, Regards, Felix
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    Thanks, sebs12. I tried to pay via Paypal but received the message, the merchant does not accept payment for several times. I wrote to them three times but received no answer.

    This looks to me like a very badly managed setup that might have a good product.

    Can you or anybody suggest another good neural net software, esp. for currencies trading (futures and 4x pairs, swings like 4 to 12 hours).

    Thanks, Felix
  4. lol, $495 for a Fibonacci calculator and little red and green arrows which repaint the past!

    Here's one for you, it's free! Little red and green arrows on the chart, all you need to do is draw your own Fib levels if you want them which is easier than entering the prices in little boxes!

    It doesn't work either but it looks pretty and it's free :)

    Download here (1.40kb)

    The 'super-signals' indicator was written by Nick Bilak
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    Thaks, cabletrader,

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    Actually your incorrect mate...
    The nnfxs system consisted of a neural network trading technology it was pretty advance software...

    Its also came with live data feed for the year with the system...

    They added the fib and pivot system for the novice traders, because trader like to see numbers or facts, with the neural netwrok trading platform made all the difficult computations for you..the client only saw the sell and buy signals...green and red arrows

    Software company was sold to a United States trading company, then were bought out by a company in Europe..They may have stop selling to customers, and only sell to trading companies...per business agreement..

    artificial neural network ann often call neural network nn is a mathematical model of computations they can be used to model complex relationships between inputs and outputs to find pattern of data...

    Hope this helps...trading companies, that bought out the system, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer..
  7. Sorry mate, that's rubbish.

    The software re-draws so it always looks great in hindsight because it's recalculated and re-drawn the levels and put in pretty little arrows to match the past, but in real time it's no better than the free joke indicator I posted!
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    Actually, your correct in being incorrect again, as usual...

    My Theis, was on Nonlinear Dynamic Chaos Theory, which applied to the Forex Market...

    We studied various neural network softwares, and nnfxs had some of the more impressive results...

    Your just watching a 3 minute video, before making an intelligent comment, you at least need to study the software...instead of assuming... :cool:
  9. No need to assume anything, I watched it in real-time via a Unyte link that someone put up, it repaints and is therefore useless as a trading tool, but it sure looks pretty in hindsight!

    I don't know anything about 'Nonlinear Dynamic Chaos Theory', being a more practical and hands-on type of trader theories and theses really don't interest me, but what I do know is that the software isn't worth 495 cents let alone 495 bucks!

    If you purchased it then I suggest you ask for a refund. If you're the seller I suggest you peddle your snake oil somewhere else, try eBay :p