NMX : Is it worth putting in a market buy order?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by barnetda, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Very little chance of getting filled at a decent price. Is it worth just putting in a market order for 200 shares?

    Someone has to get lucky i guess!!
  2. 75 bid on NMX with no offers, right now.
  3. Guess I wont get any at the opening then!!!!:(
  4. 80 bid on 1000, no offer
  5. 100.10 bid on 1000 now.
  6. Whats a decent price? You have zero price history to go off of. If you want in, just buy market before the open, you'll get the opening print. Who knows where that will be though. Its a pure gamble.

  7. Tuneman


    you only decide what to buy on the price history?
  8. I'm just trying to make a point that a "decent price" is all relative. If the stock has zero price history, how can you have any real idea what is decent and what isnt?

    Instead of buying market off the open, the guy could just stick a buy limit order in up to where he is comfortable getting filled and then see what happens. He may miss the trade but if he isnt comfortable taking more than a certain amount of risk then a limit order is better than a market order.

  9. showing 85-100. i think open buyers get hurt here as the excitement is incredible
  10. We'll see what happens on the open.
    We might see a HUGE rally. We might see a sell off.
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