NMX and ICE buying opp on earnings runup

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  1. Here's the call: 5 pts upside easy on both stocks on earnings runup alone. Buy now and sell before earnings.
  2. When are the earnings for both of them?

    Do you think ICE and ISE will move up also?

  3. don't trade ISE.. But may 2nd is ICE earnings. May 1st for NMX.
  4. I actually got in on ICE at a hefty $132. Will plan stops accordingly depending on how this market goes.

    CME warning didnt help my position.
  5. yea i bought some at 131.50 and some 130 calls end of day at 6.00.
  6. We're not getting any love lately :mad:

  7. speak for yourself ! :D :p
  8. at least nmx is up...

    this amzn is nuts...
  9. Tell me about it, some AMZN OTM call buyers made a killing on that one :eek:

    Calls 52.5 strike for May, up 3300%

    some writers went to the poorhouse.
  10. which makes me wonder...

    If options MMs keep a book as delta neutral as possible, even the put sellers who hedge by being short stock were likely killed as well.

    So that makes me wonder how much of this covering was options MMs ... or should we expect a visitation to a midpoint between yesterday's close (44.75) and today's as MMs get a chance to unload their outright shorts.

    (on the other hand, who knows.. maybe most MM systems keep gamma neutral into earnings as well to avoid getting hit in times like this)
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