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  1. From wikipedia NLP is:

    Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of techniques, axioms and beliefs that adherents use primarily as an approach to personal development. It is based on the idea that mind, body and language interact to create an individual's perception of the world and that perceptions, and hence behaviors, can be changed by the application of a variety of techniques; in particular, "modeling" which involves the careful reproduction of the behaviors and beliefs of those who have achieved 'excellence'.

    Despite its popularity NLP continues to be controversial, particularly for use in therapy, and after three decades of existence remains scientifically unvalidated.
  2. Here’s a novel idea: be yourself, learn from your own experience, and focus on what you’re good at.

    Modeling other people’s ‘success’ generally doesn’t work because you are not that person, you haven’t been through what they’ve been through and you don’t have the natural or acquired resources they have.
  3. "when modeling another person the modeler suspends his or her own beliefs and adopts the structure of the physiology, language, strategies, and beliefs of the person being modeled. After the modeler is capable of behaviorally reproducing the patterns (of behavior, communication, and behavioral outcomes) of the one being modeled, a process occurs in which the modeler modifies and readopts his or her own belief system while also integrating the beliefs of the one who was modeled."

    So basically NLP is all about being the best parrot you can be.
  4. I agree with you wholeheartly on the mis application you mentioned, namely:

    "modeling" which involves the careful reproduction of the behaviors and beliefs of those who have achieved 'excellence'.

    There is a whole business sector that promotes "tony Robinson" type stuff.

    NLP has become very popular with people who promote behavioral change as a way to overcome personal deficiencies and/or becoming a different person who emulates something or other.
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  6. As you know my computers are set up to display anything related to me instantly.

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  7. Danny, there's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball...
  8. What if a person is to consider how the brain works?

    Say, consider things like how knowledge is acquired and how it is made useful.

    How does the brain work for adding skills or for improving skills?

    These considerations do not have to have anything related to pep talks and sport coaching strategies.

    The trading Expos are filled with sales pitches. Aside from these, it is common to see the presentations incuding other considerations different from skills and knowledge. It is some kind of persuasive stuff for some intentions. Why?
  9. Geez, I have to disagree with you. Let's take one example from Charles Faulkner. Say you were the fat kid at the beach, and the older kids along with your mother made fun of your tits. Pretty traumatic for a kid, right? Body image scarred for life...

    Now, Faulkner's advice would be to replay the event in your mind but dub in a circus soundtrack to expose the hilarity in the situation. Picture the kid coming out of the water with his rolls of flab in synchronicity with the leitmotif of the pipe organ. Every subsequent recollection of that day brings joy instead of pain. So, you may want to examine your resistance to NLP and by extension your resistance to new approaches to the market.

    And one day Jack will overcome his resistance to sending me the ISBNs of his books. I want to read them!


  10. One word: neuroplasticity
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