NLP 'Mastering Fears'

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  1. I've started this thread to try and make sure everyone who downloaded the 'Eliminating Fears and Phobias' pdf ( downloads this 'Mastering Fears' pdf since:

    “ This kind of ‘fear’ does not respond well to the NLP Phobia Cure.
    Why ? because it is not a fear of an External Referent.”

    Also to say that I'll now use this thread to post additional NLP techniques as I come across them, so please check every week or so to see if there's new info that's of interest to you.
  2. When I was reading this article I wondered if it might be applicable to those suffering from ‘premature ejection’ — taking profit too soon.
  3. Let NLP help you going broke without fears.
  4. Learner


    If you don't know why you are lossing. This will only help you become a"brave losser".

    If you know why you are lossing, you have no fear of carry on or cut the loss.

    You can master your trades but you can't master your fear!

    A master trader knows when to be fear or no fear.
  5. Is a brave losser like a learner tosser?

    But more seriously, you are making the classic mistake of assuming that if someone knows what they are doing wrong then they can fix it. Also you assume that knowledge will prevent fear. Like most assumptions they are faulty.

    The inability to easily translate knowledge into emotional healing and into new actions will sadly result in many traders who have perfectly valid plans failing to realise them. Ignoring my personal bias about NLP as a whole, hopefully this material may help some to overcome those issues.

    Good luck all :)
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    Markets has nothing to do with your fear......

    I want stop here and take time to think of my "classical mistake". Thank you for your thought.


    Always a learner
  7. and this one
  8. the missing pdf ?
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    Mastering fears of what?