NLP 'Eliminating Fear' technique

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  1. This is a great technique that could be applied to many different scenarios — to save you digging your putter out of the green perhaps or being out bluffed on the poker table.

    Applicable I think to emotions other than 'fear'.
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  2. Fear = Being Humble
  3. Wallace = Charles Faulkner
  4. Hamlet


    Does a trader necessarily want to eliminate all fear? Could it not be detrimental to be "fearless" (by having a negative impact on good risk management, willingness to take losses, etc) when trading?

    I've wondered about the NLP application to trading, since the mindset that NLP seeks to achieve (as I understand it anyway, my knowledge of it is cursory) seems to conflict with the traits that are generally desirable in trading. For example, a trader should be humble, willing to admit being wrong quickly and many times over and over as necessary, whereas NLP seeks to instill in the mind the belief that "I can achieve anything that I truly believe and commit to".

    I look forward to comments from those more familiar with NLP.
  5. NLP 'Eliminating Fear' technique

    Yeah! Great!
    Going broke without fear.
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