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  1. Does anyone have any stories/experiences, good or bad, about NLP that they would care to share?

    I have a friend whose parents are both NLP(Edited: Neural Linguistic Programming) practicioners and he swears by it. Says it does wonders for improving ones self in all areas of life. Am considering contacting them and giving it a shot.
    But would like to hear from traders here first. Thanks in advance.

  2. I don't really know anything about NLP, but there is something that I find fairly offputting. If you do a search on the internet, you will find a number of sites that will provide you with certification after only days (days!) of "study." You may then practice your new occupation on unsuspecting clients as a "professional."

    If you were in need of a mental health professional for one reason or another, would you rather go to someone who spent years learning his craft under professional scrutiny, or would you prefer to see someone who learned all he knew about the topic at a resort in under 2 weeks?

    Perhaps there is something to NLP. I'll never know. Regardless, it has become the Amway of psychology. It comes as no surprise that NLP has become part of some trading vendors' lexicon.
  3. Well, this is exactly something that people should know. I didnt realize that so many people could get "qualified" in such a short amount of time. Luckily, the parents of my friend have been teaching this for many many years so if I do decide to try it out, I wont have to worry about the qualifications of the practicioner.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  4. I did a three days course in NLP and later on the Da Silva method.
    It was an experience but i didnt' get any valuable results.
    These things are probably good for people who are open for these kind of things or for people who are so desperate that they will try anything. To me it is more or less brainwashing. You have to fool your own brain and convince it that something isn't what the brain thinks it is.
    Example: people with constant headache keep telling themselves that they don't have a headache until their brain believes they don't have a headache. But i have seen people for who it worked. It all depends on the person.

    I compare it with praying to the Lord. For some it helps for others not.

    I did the two courses out of curiosity. Costed me more then2000$ in total.
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    The CBOT had a workshop by famed NLP practioner Charles Faulkner several years ago. It was quite interesting but I didn't walk away with a sense of how NLP could be "programmed" into ones self conscious. Perhaps a hypno-NLP practioner?
  6. Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a vey fascinating collection of practices, viewpoints and ideas....

    Reading a book would be about as good as its going to get for the vast majority of those who ever become familiar with the title, let alone the precepts....

    If you care to see it applied, then watch what the winners of The Apprentice have in common with each other....

    Watch what the losers or problem personalities of those who eventually get out of their comfort range or element have in common, and you'll begin to see what they're missing....

    You'll also begin to see what the precepts of NLP might possibly fix in their "presentation" or entire package (personality, work product, interdependent interreactions with their peers as well as their approach towards others and work)...

    hope that gobbly gook helps
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    I wonder if one could go to a psychologist and just say "I want my emotional IQ scores to be a lot higher?" Would NLP help with that? I keep taking those tests for emotional IQ and the results are depressing me!!
  8. Steve,

    May I ask what types of behaviors you are trying to alter/eradicate?

  9. Tony Robbins' whole career is based on NLP.
    I read a couple of his books and went through some tapes about 10 years ago. Never seemed to have any lasting results though.

    It did help me quit smoking after several failed attempts and I have remained smoke free for 11 years now, so that alone was worth any money spent. Thanks Tony!!
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    Heck they'd probably lock me up as a preemptive measure if they saw my scores.
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