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    1.602B shares outstanding (buy-backs); not 1.62B. I didn't have shares outstanding data in front of me and on my phone. I figured restricted/ESOP shares would be nominal. Boo hoo. Next time reply with an accurate figure.
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  4. Nike does $2 billion per year in online sales. That's roughly $5.5 million per day. Add 30% and that's an extra $1.65 million in sales which is chicken feed. Who really thinks that trend will continue?

    Let's revisit at the end of the quarter and see what the numbers really are.
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    Nike does nearly $2.8B in online revs. This is prior to the Kaep ad-campaign.
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    Just Undo It

    The mayor of Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans, banned the recreation department from buying Nike products, after the company ran advertising featuring the knee-taking NFL star Colin Kaepernick. But then Ben Zahn had to do a u-turn, rescinding the order on the advice of the city attorney. Zahn: "My patriotism will not waiver, but my focus needs to be on the city of Kenner and the many great projects we have in store for our city." NBC
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    Nike Controversy

    That Kaepernick campaign controversy is still going. USA Gymnastics' new interim president and CEO, Mary Bono, has apologized after people picked up on a tweet she emitted shortly after Nike started using knee-taking NFL star Colin Kaepernick in an ad campaign. The now-deleted tweet showed a crossed-out Nike logo on a pair of golf cleats. "I regret the post and respect everyone's views and fundamental right to express them," Bono said. Fox Business
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    UNC extends deal with Nike, worth more than $60M
    The University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan's alma mater, has just announced a 10-year extension of its apparel deal with Nike. According to Forbes, the new deal will average $6.27 million USD per year and will catapult UNC onto the most valuable college apparel deals in history. The publication goes on to state the Tar Heels "will average $2.87 million USD in wholesale product allotment and $3.4 million USD in cash annually from their new deal." (Hypebeast)
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