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  1. Adidas showed a beautiful income statement in 2017, it sales growth was about 14.8% while Nike was about negative 3%. Why this happened? As we know, footwear industry should pay more intention to what consumers need in the coming year, otherwise, it will be easy to lose portion of its market share.

    Can Nike takeover the lost market share form Adidas? I think it is hard, because Nike faces intense competition in both domestic and international markets from local as well as established players. The athletic footwear and apparel industry is characterized by rapidly changing customer preferences and technology, which requires continuous innovation in order to stay ahead of trends and competitors.
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    Great points. You missed one thing however.
    NKE is on the DOW. It only goes down (or up) when the whales need it to.
    The DOW 30 is the worlds psychological (market) benchmark.
    Its also the easiest to manipulate by the real powers that be.
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  3. I want to share some recent news.

    The new tax plan resulted in one-time provisional charges, which resulted in Nike’s biggest loss in years; the company lost $921 million USD of its $1.1 billion USD earnings. Still, overall revenue increased by 7% and sales as a whole improved over the past year, and Nike’s shares grew by over 2% as a result.

    Also in the recent years, limited releases take huge role for the brand awareness. Take for instance collaborations. Those limited sneakers drive sneaker heads crazy, social media explodes with news, shares of stories, and promotions. But when you can't buy those, you go and buy general release models, because in the end you are affected buy the media.
    Huge huge impact in my opinion were those Kanye West shoes. Cool sneakers factor is big and right now when you throw some designer name on a collaboration people talk.
    Adidas made $877.6 million in the United States during Q1 of 2016, and ended at $4.8 billion globally. Nike got Jordan brand and the other endorsements with athletes that generate buzz, but it's seems it's not enough to compete. Adidas just storms the competition with prototype shoes new tech and so one and designer collabs.
  4. Thank you, It is my first time to know it.
    However, I am not surprise those non-economic market behaviors.
    I should do more research about it.
  5. Good points. I like them.

    I think Adidas designers have a better fashion sense than Nike designers. This is the main reason why Adidas could beat Nike.
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    So if Nike poaches the Adidas designers, problem solved....
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    Nike Diversity

    Nike's HR chief has told employees that the company has "failed to get traction" in its efforts to hire more women and minorities. "Our hiring and promotion decisions are not changing senior-level representation as quickly as we have wanted," Monique Matheson said in a memo leaked to The Wall Street Journal. Only 29% of Nike's several hundred vice presidents are women. WSJ
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    Nike brings back Dan Marino's original Air Max Speed Turf
    Nike has brought back Dan Marino's original Air Max Speed Turf. Last dropped in 2012, the Nike Air Max Speed Turf is hitting 2018 shelves in a retro-minded OG design. Celebrating Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins, the new Air Max Speed Turf was brought to life using the classic Dolphins colors with a blend of white, black, teal and orange tones. (Hypebeast)
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