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  1. Nike releases after market close. Analysts have very conservative guidance. FL, M, and FINL all had good releases. I'd expect as much from here.

    Looking for 0.48 per share on this one on increasing online revenue offsetting North America declines. Both China Singles day (where NKE has been making headway, and consumers have ever more cash) and Cyber Monday should be on this one.

    That'd give a target price of $69 after the bell.

    Holding some Jan $65 calls to play this one (held since last week).
  2. Well, missed that one. Did well working ETH though. Lets see what the earnings call has in store. All things being equal, I'd expect we're in the 64.89 range by tomorrow's close (earnings guidance revised up or exceptional online sales will push that up).
  3. WonderBoy


    $62.75 as of noon Friday
  4. Yup...and I am hurting today for it. :(