NJ the model blue state

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  1. Dodo what happened to your hero Corzine and the rest of the blue state genuises?

    4.1 Billion in debt and the gov't shut down.

  2. They have a [fiscal] problem and they are trying to resolve it, what's wrong with that? Shutting down the government until budget issues are resolved is a standard operating procedure, $4 billion dollars is pocket change for NJ. What they are doing is called fiscal responsibility but I doubt you're familiar with the concept.

    A better question is why the republican federal government which is more than 8 trillion dollars in debt is (unlike NJ) doing absolutely nothing about it and actually keeps increasing the debt by $600 billion a year.
  3. Unlike the Federal Government who borrows and borrows, issues bonds that future generations will pay to finance deficit spending, Corzine is showing the intelligence and will of a democrat who understands the difficult steps that need to be taken...
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    Not exactly.....states can't bleed like the federal gov can. This has nothing to with the intelligence and will of Corzine.
  5. States can float bonds...

  6. <b>Illinois is next. </b>

    I've been warning others about Blagojevich for a long time, but apparently people here won't wake up until Blago successfully completes him mission- turning Illinois into 'California with snow.'

    Bloated government sucking the life out of local industry, overregulation, snowballing red ink plunging the state into crisis mode... All coming soon to Illinois, courtesy of Blago.

    You'll see...
  7. Just to set the record straight - 30 states projected deficits for Fiscal Year 2005 totaling about $39 billion to $41 billion.

    The worst 10 states with deficit exceeding 10% were:

    Alabama 11%
    Alaska 21%
    Arizona 17%

    California 21%
    Kansas 13%
    Mississippi 20%
    Missouri 7% to 11%

    New Jersey 21%
    New York 13%

    South Carolina 6% to 10%


    Those damn liberals in Mississippi, Alabama and Kansas, huh?
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    If it were low taxes in miss, ala, and kan, you might have a point. Don't think it is, therefore you are right, those damn libs and their transfer payments.
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    Oh, no here he goes again with his "Red States are Dumb" ...

    As you must be aware, state budgets are determined by politicians elected at the state level.

    This might throw a monkey wrench into your claim, however "statistically correct" you think you are ...


    Not sure how the state senators balance out, but I suspect its along the lines of the governors ...
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about and why you think high taxes in uber-conservative states should absolve uber-conservative leaders of those states from their responsibilities but the premise of this thread was that blue states have fiscal problems and can't balance the budget. As is obvious from the data I provided this is much more prevalent in red states and if anything Corzine is trying to correct the situation.
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