nitro's troubles

Discussion in 'Politics' started by blackguard, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. slowly but surely the scam he concocted is breaking. Word is seeping out he's not really a trader, but only a wannabe who posts fake trades in the chatroom to appear legit. The next step is to let EVERYONE know WHY he's unemployable. LOL
  2. vega


    Here's a novel idea, instead of wasting all your time ripping on Nitro, put more time into your trading:p There have been and always will be people that don't get along--but drop it already, put him on ignore and go on with your life (unless disproving Nitro is your life). Just checking, you do think before you type this stuff, right ? I mean, if your conspiracy theory is right, what exactly would Nitro gain if he convinced people that he's a trader ? Maybe I'm missing something. Don't mean to start a pissing war here, but did you really need to start another thread about him when there's already another one that's open ??:confused:


    Nitro--We have now enterred phase two of Operation Mind-Control, the masses are being duped as expected, proceed as planned.:p
  3. Vega, leave brother Longshot errr blackguard alone:p
    if ya don't... he will unlease 1000 alias attacks against you.:D

    Brother Longshot has been serving his unique purpose here:D

    cha-cha-cha hehehe:cool: :D
  4. vega


    Like I said, not trying to start a pissing contest here, and I suppose everyone (well almost everyone:p ) contributes something here.

    By the way, is N-V-S one of the 1000 aliases:p ?????

  5. hehehe

    Nuhhhh... only 3 combined.:D you see...qdz lost the password management program:( left the Longshots, daniel_ms, keymarfyes and max401k's stranded with AAAintthebeltway:D :D

    As good luck would have it, the rest was saved. FPC series, GG upgrades, all the goodies..:D Optional777 gone for now, brethren candleman and Nitro fading away, please leave brother Longshot alone. We need him in these waters.:D :D
  6. what? do you know me and my performance? anyway this thread is about nitro and not me. The guys a complete joke. He may have fooled almost everyone here, but I see right through his BS. Have a nice day.
  7. I happily know nothing about you or your performance.

    However it clear that something is way wrong with Blackguard.
  8. ok. go ahead and ostracize me. Is it my fault I've figured things out?
  9. blackguard, you have to understand something. if someone goes thru the whole motions of building a facade, a lie of a successful trading and craftfully presents it here during a prolonged period of time... such person is a psychopath. and if he's a psychopath then he's already more screwed than you could ever wish on him.
  10. psychopaths like that abound on ET. calling each one out could be a full time job LOL.
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