nitro is not all that

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. someone needs to say it. i see so many ET newbs kissing his ass all the time because he knows a thing or two about motherboards and virus scanners. lol

    you can tell nitro really doesn't know how to trade because his winners are 1/4 point (ES). don't believe me? go in the chat room any day.

    i used to have some degree of respect for nitro, but it was all lost when i'd go in the chat room, say i'm up 10 points or something and he'd call me a, "loooooooooooooooser." lol how old are you again?

    this clown is also PARANOID and DELUSIONAL. there's a post somewhere where he claims a college is doing an experiment on ET using multiple aliases or something. lmao

    anyway, i saw an annoying nitro post, so i figured it was time for a rant.
  2. Bashing theists isn't presenting enough of a challenge for you lately? Now you are bashing anyone at random?

    How's your trading going?
  3. no, that's never a challenge :D
  4. maxpi


    Geez Gordon! Would you walk out your front door and give a neighbor the finger and say "what the fuck are you looking at?".


  5. lol
  6. ctrader


    I thought gordon and aphie didn't / couldn't trade.

    That was about a year ago. Has things changed?
  7. LMAO. FUNNY,GEKKO, FUNNY POST!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!! I have to say it.. YOU are the greatest GEKKO! yOU REALLY ARE.. :p You make me laugh DUDE lol :D ya know your rite there IS something not quite right wit that boy nitro :p
  8. SHADDUP GEKKO, you loud mouth fart
  9. Oh I can trade -- there is no question about that. Now whether or not I can successfully trade is a totally different question.
  10. Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:07:32 PM)
    what'ss up, bums

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:09:26 PM)
    lol haven't had a job in like 5 years

    (Like 5 years? How unemployable can you get?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:10:09 PM)
    stocks are for babies

    (What is paper trading on a simulator for, fetuses?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:10:29 PM)
    i need to stop talking about my trading

    (Why, we can always use a good laugh)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:10:35 PM)
    the less people know the better

    (Since GG knows nothing, I guess he knows best)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:11:16 PM)
    as long as they dont know how i do it

    (I don't know how he does it, do you? I can't imagine for the life of me how he does it.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:11:33 PM)
    oh believe me this site will know when i have like $500,000

    (Like $500,000?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:11:38 PM)
    and then $1,000,000

    (Dream a little dream for me)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:12:02 PM)
    nitro wishes he could trade like me

    (Nitro wishes he could paper trade from his parent's basement?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:12:11 PM)
    im serious i trade better than nitro

    (Gekko is serious?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:12:43 PM)
    ART go ahead and save all my quotes

    (Yes, of course)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:12:48 PM)
    how often am i wrong about anything

    (I can't count that high)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:12:56 PM)
    of my 3800 posts where was i ever wrong

    (Where was he ever right?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:13:09 PM)
    i get attacked every day and every day i blow em away

    (GG is attacked every day and gives his attackers blow jobs? Now that I can believe.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:14:04 PM)
    superman..i am bigger than superman lol

    (Bigger than a comic book hero?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:14:37 PM)
    this site seriously can not handle me

    (Yes, all the people who have you on ignore concur.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:15:00 PM)
    this site will go freaking crazy when im the best trader on it

    (Best trader? Excuse me while I clean up the coffee I just spit all over my keyboard from laughing hysterically.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:15:39 PM)
    im glad i act 12

    (Best acting job I've ever seen. I was convinced he was 11 and a half.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:15:42 PM)
    the girls love it lol

    (Ya, 8 year old girls are impressed by 12 year old boys.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:16:34 PM)
    alright i'm outta here.....i have business to take care of lmao

    (Business? His diaper needs changing?)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:17:23 PM)
    pd no problem i can accept apologies i'm not that much of an ass

    (Oh contraire, you are that much of an ass.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:18:45 PM)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:18:50 PM)
    do u guys know i am ROCK SOLID

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:18:56 PM)
    i announced it few weeks ago

    (Sort of like announcing water is wet.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:19:12 PM)
    no i dont need to post anything

    (After 3800 posts of pure stupidity, I hope not.)

    Gordon Gekko (Mar 8, 2004 3:19:17 PM)
    have nothing to prove because I KNOW

    (I know because the Bible told me so...err, because a science book told me so.)
    #10     Mar 9, 2004