Nitro finally gets his exotic car collection off the ground

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Error 404, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Well, we all knew it would happen, we just did not know when.

    Nitro has been wanting this (and other exotics) for a while, and I think this is a great way to start his collection. The F50 is an awsome automobile, and there is no better way to start a collection than with a major entry.

    Congrats Nitro, and when are you gonna let me drive the thing?? Take me for a ride at least???

    Peace, and Happy New Year,

    PS: Now I know why you wanted to borrow the Rolex. If you are done with it, please send it back.
  2. I predict the insurance company will take a long look at this one before paying.
  3. i live one mile from algar ferrari. whoa !!!!! thanks for the news.

  4. If con men turned their creativity toward the markets, would we all be in trouble? Most criminals are stupid - just look at - but there are some truly smart and creative people on the wrong side of they law.
  5. Wrong side according to who? If this guy made off with an automobile worth 3/4's of a mil, then I'd have to say he is on the RIGHT side!
  6. nitro




  7. Nitro... I know a good dealer who sells car in the black market...

    You'll probably get 400k for it... noting I'll be getting 40k for it...

    360k for getting rid of physical evidence is a good deal.