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  1. What do some of you guys think about this stock. I've always thought it was a great company. I just checked the stock today because I haven't checked it in a while. its come off about 30-35$ since its highs. I'm not about to dive in or nothing, but I;m very interested.

    I think video games will always have a future. even in a recession they will sell to a certain degree. With Christmas in the near future, what price seems right to you for this stock? are all tech stocks way over valued?

  2. Hard to say since Nintendo is a japanese company. Assumming the japanese manufacturers have a set yen rate at which they sell to us, it means that with the yen at around 101-102 per dollar we are paying more for their product. And the more we pay, the less we want to stock their system. So if yen rates continue to stay this low, i think you will see a shortage of Nintendo Wii's this christmas which will give the illusion that they are selling out faster than they can make them, but in reality, there is very little profit for the distributors to buy and sell the wii's if they think yen prices are going to stay down. Funny enough because that will cause a shortage of wii's and every a-hole and their mother are going to buy as many wii's as possible(making the shortage even greater) to sell them for double their retail price come christmas which happens every year.

    But to be honest, i think nintendo had its day, there is too much competition and you got microsoft now thats willing to lose money on its x-box just to make up the revenues on sales of games. Nintendo will be gone in 10 years, im pretty sure of it. Remember intellivision? didnt think about atari? (yeah theres a familiar word if you are over 35!) Where are they now?

    Nintendo is done for i think. Unless they can pull off some incredible games year after year that they dont let xbox or Playstation use, then they will be gone one day.
  3. ya, I understand what your saying. I actually thought Nintedo was going to going under at one point. Their wii system really put them back in the market and possibly near the top. How about an Apple Nintendo deal happening?
  4. You mean exploiting differences between supply and demand? Have you ever gone long a stock with the anticipation of selling later at a higher price?

    Does that make you an ahole if you buy stock in hopes of it going up? Perhaps the government should put a price cap on Wiis, that'll solve the issue.

    Intriguing that you say you think Nintendo is done with. Have you entered a retail store within the past couple of years? You still can't come by Wiis, and the Wii fit is just as popular. Its not about blockbuster games with awesome graphics for them. Nintendo has done a great job at penetrating the adult market. Just last week Nintendo said they were going to raise their outlook for sales of the Nintendo DS. Strictly looking at the past few years, this company reminds me of Apple because it seems anything they touch turns to gold.

    I'm not saying the stocks a good buy here, my point is that the reasons you listed for them failing just seem baseless.
  5. Stocks and Christmas presents for children are two different things. But since a game system is a sort of "commodity" and not a business like stocks are...lets look at it in terms of commidities. If you corner the market in say "rice or corn" and then you are able to sell at whatever price you want because EVERYONE has to go thru you, then are an a-hole.

    These people during Christmas are buying as many game systems as they can get their hands on and then selling them for double or triple prices and then on top of that they are not paying taxes on those profits. There is no natural supply and demand...its just people trying to control the supply. Imagine if people did that with everything. Imagine there was a life saving medicine you needed which retail for 10 bucks and some a-hole and others like him knew people would need this medicine, so they bought up the worlds supply and started selling it for 10,000 dollars. You saying they are not an a-holes?
  6. Life saving medicine, yes you are an ahole, I'll agree with that one. I think you must distinguish between a need and a want however.

    Cornering the market on Wiis is a little extreme, as it would be virtually impossible to suck up all the supply in the entire supply of them.

    As for poor little Johnny that isn't going to get a Wii this Christmas : too bad, demand outpaces supply by a large margin. Its called a free market.

    People used to scorn me when I would sell tickets in high school. Hey you know what? My ass was up at 7 AM every Saturday making sure I made the onsales, my ass took the risk that the tickets wouldn't sell, my ass spent hours upon hours researching ways to do the process more efficiently.

    And yet every few weeks I would have some stoner email me saying I should sell him Metallica tickets for face, because he was a fan.

    If he was a fan, he would've been standing in line next to me. If the parents really wanna get their kids a Wii, they need to put up or shutup. They aren't impossible to come by, but just because you can't find one at your local walmart doesn't mean they don't exist.
  7. it seems to be not so bad, imho