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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by lwlee, Apr 28, 2008.

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    WiiFit is gonna be a HUGE hit. I'm getting in. Thought I would give a heads up.

    edit: just one thing, anyone think there's funny business with pink sheets?
  2. the time to get into ntdoy was before christmas of 2006, you are about 2 years behind.

    With blu-ray winning the hd war. GT4, MGS4 and a host of long waited games coming out this year for ps3 and xbox360. Wii will take a backseat. The wii fit is nothing but fluff.
  3. PS3 and 360 are competitor, on the other hand, the WII is more of a companion for both of them.

    Not everyone into hardcore gaming. A lot of them into the fun faction, which the WII has. The multi-players is a big plus. I believe 360 is leading in this area. A lot of WII titles, typical the one released by Nintendo also very strong in this area. Just look SSBB and Mario Kart.

    Btw, Mario Kart kick ass ;)

  4. I love how people recommend stocks 52 week highs. How come no one recommends stocks when they are selling at their lowest?
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    It's not at its 52 week high, 69 current price vs 78 fifty two week high. It's getting closer but that's a good thing since it's gaining momentum. So called bargain stocks at their lows are no bargains. You gotta pay up for quality.

    I'm touting Nintendo now because I am forecasting big things due to the WiiFit. It could potentially cause a craze. Reports from Europe is that the thing is SELLING out BIG time. Wii fit is selling like gangbusters in Europe

    I should have done the same thing with Apple iPhone at it outset but thought Apple was overvalued at the time, something like $99. I'm still kicking myself on that one.

    Concerning the comment about being 2 years late, well let's just say 2 year ago, Nintendo was like Apple with the iPod. Now the second phase of growth will be the WiiFit which is analogous to the iPhone.