Nintendo DS lite wanted!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by marketsurfer, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Looking for an new Nintendo DS lite handheld without the premium added to the price. Its sold out everywhere locally and the ones I have located elsewhere have price premiums. Can anyone advise?


  2. Does it have to be the DS Lite?


  3. yes, thanks.

  4. bdon


    Try ebay. The premium attached has come down since christmas. You can also find a packaged one with brain age or whatever.

    Remember your trying not to pay extra for something in such a great demand it is sold out at every best buy and circuit in the country 4 weeks after christmas. The law of supply and demand says you pay the premium or you wait. At least unlike a hot stock this will probably return to its retail price one day.
  5. I like the DS because you can get used games on the cheap. Good luck on finding the DS Lite , optimal time for purchase would be mid summer.

  6. thanks, baron and akum.

    My 6 year old outgrew his leapster and is insisting on the DSlite as his next obsession. fortunately, i was able to buy one locally for the retail price---it was being held for someone else who never picked it up. its a great unit! surf
  7. Buy a Sharp handheld. They run on Linux.