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  1. Anyone here use Ninjatrader for backtesting and/or automation? I have been using it for about a week now and am curious of other people's thoughts.
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    I have been tried it with MBtrading borokerage, but there was no any execution all the time. Seams the systems needs some testing itselves.
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    I'm about to pull the trigger on NinjaTrader and was searching the board for any info ... not much to review; how is your experience with NinjaTrader coming along and what broker r u using? Thanks

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    It's buggy. If they fixed all the bugs and got range bars. Then maybe.
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    Roger that.

    I narrowed platforms down to DirectPro and NinjaTrader ... looks like DirectPro could be it. Thanks!
  6. So far I have just been testing it out. I was planning on using it for automated FX trading through, but it's so full of bugs that I may wait. We'll have to see how many updates they come out with in the coming months.

    A note to all: Tradestation securities now has fully integrated automated FX trading (starting in July)

  7. Don't know anything about DirectPro. Would you mind doing a quick comparison vs Ninjatrader?
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    Only at it a short while but using DirectPro eval screen layouts were friendlier and NT a bit crowded for me; DP allows layout to be modified; didn't see that in NT ... broker options limited on DP for now only Terra Nova and Penson, but I'd consider tolerating Penson to use the program. Again, all over a few weeks and demo/eval versions, but I like what I see in DP
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    Hi Stockman20,

    I want also used NT v6 with

    You say that find bugs ? Can you say more ? where exactly ?

    Thx for your feedback.
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