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  1. Hi All,

    Please let me know if im understanding this correctly. From what I can tell, NinjaTrader is free unless you want to trade live. If you want to trade from NinjaTrader then you'll need to purchase it.

    Does that mean I can connect the free NinjaTrader to a live data feed (eg: eSignal) and use all the functionality of NinjaTrader with live data, the only limitation being that I wont be able to trade?

    So I can essentially do all my analysis on live data using the free NinjaTrader?

  2. Pretty exactly. You just can not trade on real accoutns - you CAN run strategies against sim (which may come in handy to track their performance in comparison to real executions). You can also trade life from strategies if NOT using the ninja order interface (programming required).
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    NINJA also has a FREE end of day data feed called kinetic
  4. Yes. You are correct.
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    Thanks to all who posted their replies. I would like to add, your understanding is correct but in addition to free software access and free EOD data from Kinetick, technical support and training is free also.

    Here is a link on information on the free platform -

    And a link to our free training schedule -

    If you can't attend any of the live training webinars, they are all recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, link below.
  6. Great, thanks for all the replies. Looking forward to getting started with NinjaTrader.