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  1. Good or bad?
  2. it's good and bad
  3. Is there anything better? Damn good I would say. Easy to check out if you have not tired it - it is free in simulation mode. And
    for that matter, it is the best simulator I have seen also.
  4. It's great for scalping. Some issues with the beta superdom version. But Ray's response to email is prompt. Also, good yahoo group.
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    Baruch, I would say Ninjatrader has some great features for both new and experimented traders.

    For new traders, it offers a great simulator : using the exact same interface than the real-time version, you may discover and get used to all order management features and buttons so that you are fully familiar with them when you decide to switch to real time trading, as your trading environment will be exactly the same… And it is indeed one of the most realistic simulator I ever played with as the Fill engine algorithm will take into account the time factor (ie in order to simulate your position in the CME order queue) so that your LIMIT order might not immediately be filled... And like in the real world, a Market order might cost you some slippage…

    I started trading 3 years ago and it’s a real pity such tools were not available at the time as I would have avoided some very costly mistakes, speed up my learning curve in term of execution skills, ie be able to quicker focus on the trade analysis instead of being busy with some lengthy order entry/update tasks.

    For experimented traders, the chasing, trailing stop and scaling in/out features are very complete and the quite innovative implementation of the “simulated” entry and stop features, with both conditional BID/ASK size and/or ratio triggers open a lot of flexibility when it comes to very precisely control your entry and exit points.

    My personal favorite remains the automated trading features : check the tutorial I wrote about the integration of Investor/RT and Ninjatrader to have an idea about the level of trading system automation which may be reached with such a combination (

    Anyone looking for a new IB order entry and management interface should definitively give it a try : you will benefit from a program which received feedback from 100s of experienced traders during its initial beta phase (few month ago). Its current relase (version 1.01) is fully stable and new features are already being developed for version 2, like the new “DOME” alike type of interface (as you may already preview in the latest NT beta version)

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    not good if your using MB for backend - data lags and always has in a fast moving market - they say their updating there infrastructure and data vendor so we'll see - 40 pt discrepancy with MB on 5-1 when the market dropped - try buttontrader with IB - rock solid and fast execution for me...
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    Ninja is a very good platform. It runs on different data feeds which makes a huge difference in the performance. Forget PATS. TT is in beta and will be nice once up and running full steam. ZEN FIRE is the feed you want. This is the best feed ive ever seen. When told it was better that TT, i laughed, but quickly became a beliver once i tested it.
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    I was told Velocity would have a commission schedule up sometime this week for NinjaTrader (I'm guessing different and better? than that beta rate).
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