NinjaTrader + Zenfire toast today

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kcgoogler, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Thank god i have an alternate account. Ninjatrader + Zenfire is toast today. Data feed seems to be the problem (going into orange connection status).
  2. Found Zenfire to be very reliable and accurate feed.
    Used it over some years now.

    Last days it is stuttering (frequent disconnects) and has outages without any explanation.

    Other people also experiencing this?
    You have any idea on the background?
  3. sk8erboy


    I noticed Zen-Fire (ES specifically) lags at the US equity open, as compared to other datafeeds. That's been the problem for the last week or so. Anybody noticed that?
  4. jimmyrey


    I'm trading US Crude Oil and i've had this problem over the last few days where price lags the market (i have other data feeds to compare it to).....the price feed freezes then starts again.

    The price freeze occurs for any instrument/chart i have open.

    This is an ongoing issue as far as i can see?

  5. emg


    I hope you all know that zen fire is a marketing name. The real data is rithmic. Here is my proof:

    u are paying higher commission for name only. The zen fire will say they are using a different server. Think about it, what server, AT&T server.
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  7. jimmyrey


    Yeah, I'm a Mirus client.....

    Yes, the NT Forum suggests it is a Miras issue....

    So to ask the obvious everyone on this thread or having this problem a Mirus client ?

  8. feng456


    im with Mirus using Zenfire...havent noticed any problems.
  9. emg


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