NinjaTrader-Zenfire Lagging?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by clooch, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Using Ninjatrader-Zen .

    Had problems with it lagging. Beside my esignal it was behind regularly, 15-30 secs. But what confuses me is that when using charttrader, the orders would be filled and verbally acknowledged before either the chart or staticdom showed the price being hit.

    This causes problems when tryingto place orders as system will not allow depending upon where chart shows price, but in reality the market is at a different level as esignal confirms.

    Any ideas on how to fix the problem or what to do about it?

    Thank you in advance
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    Hello mate! Well, i guess there is only two possbel tricks here.

    1)It was a cassual real internet related lag/// well// not a lot waht you can do. Maximum what can i offer, you can try to find a special program on the internet, which will just "ping" ZF servers durin the trading hours, ad if ping time will reach => some MS it will alarm you.

    It WONT resolve that probable internet related lag problems, BUT< at least you will get a warning, before you make some orders.

    2) But, If we realy dismantle these possile "internet lags" i guess that you just havethe same problem, which most NT users have. CPU/RAM speed mess-up.

    Two sad, but true facts:

    a)NT start to have these 5-10secs lags from the "real price" when the volumes on market spikes up. CPU/ram just cant overdone all these mathematcal measurements in "real REAL-TIME".

    2)NT starts to mess-up sometimes even on not extreme volume and volatile markets, IF you have a lot of other programs launched on that same PC at the same time with NT.

    So, again, if its NOT an ISP internet related lags.. so.. here is how i deal with all that mess:

    1)Only launch NT onone dedicated PC. For example i have 2 PC, whey are not high-end PC at all, but i use first to launch ONLY NT for trading. And i use all other mess (Skype, MSN, Opera, etc etc etc...) only oon the second PC.

    2)This is my personal research, i didnt read that on official NT ums, niether i did received any confirmations from official NT spport team,.... but, another weird stuff which i`ve discovered....

    You kno, you may use different "Workspaces" on NT. You may create few, and ten just switch from one to another... Cool feature, but, one days i realize, that my NT start to waste almost a minute to launch itself and i started to mention these "price lags: on charts ad DOM.

    By the logic sense, you may have as much "workspaces" as you need, and the CPU/RAM used only by the actual loaded workspace, but, believeme: NT with 1 workspace works quite faser, then a NT (on same PC) if it have 5-10-15 "saved workspaces' i dont understand how that may affect NT< but, its just a fact which you may check by your own teasts.

    The resolvation way was: Remove as many "workspaces" rom NT< as only you can. For example, now i have such settup:

    on that "trading" PC i launch NT with 2 charts, only needed indicator and a staticDOM. Plus, i lauch "demo" NT on another PC, which have a loot of charts, indicators, and TA S|R levvels and all that crap.

    So, after i managed these 2 PC by that way i finnaly received what i need, my NT started to work as a clear waterflow. No lags, no "thinking time".

    PS: Sorry bro for my bad English.Thats not my actuaal language at all, but i do hope that my reseaches on that question will help you.

  4. All BS isn't it Clooch
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    I have a Quad core with 8 gigs of memory running on one computer and data does not get delayed whereas the computer with dual core and 3.5 gigs of memory occassionally lags. So it might just be computer being overwhelmed by your lack of equipment capability. Also, if you are using DSL, regular cable as opposed to higher speed cable can alter speed of data. I use DSL and higher speed cable, the DSL equipment has problems keeping up in heavy volume.
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