Ninjatrader with a static DOM?

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  1. I'm switching futures brokers, and I've got a demo of Ninja/Zenfire with Mirus futures. It's very fast, but it doesn't allow for a static DOM, just dynamic. Does anyone know of a broker that has this combo? I just seem to do better with a static DOM. Thanks.
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    what is the different between the 2?
  3. Are you sure? I used to be with Mirus and I had static DOM. I left because of their $$$. You can switch to Velocity Futures or Advantage Futures both offer static DOM with a TT feed. As alternative you could try AMP futures. Velocity does not offer a historical feed if you use the feed for charting.
  4. With dynamic the price is always in the center. Static, the price moves up and down the ladder. I find it easier to follow the price action when the price moves up and down the ladder.
  5. I'm using the Ninja demo, but when I select static it only moves a tiny bit before centering itself. There is hardly any difference between dynamic and static. How much were they charging you? I haven't even discussed prices yet. I'm just a Global futures refugee since they ended the free X-trader last week. I don't want to pay for X-trader, at least monthly. Does advantage have Xtrader transactonal? Thanks!
  6. only velocity has it I believe
  7. Aroung $5RT for CME eminis, it was over a year ago though. They are always more expensive than TT, because they "feel" their feed is better than TT, personally I think they are about the same. Try AMP Futures, same as Mirus.

  8. does amp offer transactional X ?

    thanks, surf
  9. Don't believe so, they are alternative to Mirus for Ninja/Zen combo. Velocity is transactional for X Trader.
  10. Actually, I just figured it out! This stupid software gives you an option for a static or a dynamic when you set it up. I made the mistake of setting up the static, and then turning off the centering. I was playing tonight with replay and saw the dynamic (what I want, price moves up and down the ladder). So I got it to work. Seems like good software for the price! Surf, check it out, NT/Zen is basically just as fast as Xtrader, unless you are using a black box to scalp. 1/10th of a second makes no difference to me. And NT has bracket orders and such which XT makes such a pain. For me it's a toss up between NT/Zen and Open E Cry. They are also pretty damn good. I just want to see if I can get closer to $4 somehow on my lousy volume.
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