NinjaTrader vs OpenQuant for automated trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by gaiusparx, Jun 26, 2008.

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    OpenQuant specialized in automated trading with its event driven software design. However I feel that you can achieve the same using NinjaTrader as well. Is there any automated trading system design/features that you can develop using OpenQuant but you can not do so using NinjaTrader?
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    I am interested to hear what others have to say on this topic as well.
  3. I'm wondering the same thing.

    I plan to implement a really simple strategy, something that doesn't even work say ma crossover, and try testing it with ninjatrader and my ib paper account. If that works then i'd be interested in investing in NT.

    I tried openquant and although I must admit I didn't really give it a chance, I found it harder to use than Ninjatrader. NT has a lot of docs, videos, webinars, etc. too so that is nice. So far it's my pick based on simple backtests.
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    I played with them both, Ninja is much better documented and easier in that regard, they are moving more towards event driven too... I like Openquant a lot better however but I dread starting a project in it because the docs are not too useful and getting them to provide an example of code on their forums is like pulling hens teeth, they see Openquant as a vehicle to steer clients towards Smartquant, not something to keep retail traders that are mediocre programmers happy....
  5. I'm trying NT on my IB paper account also. I've read all of their documentation and it seems very interesting. It has the capibility of walk forward optimization and from what I understand there is a GA optimizer available from the user group.
  6. OpenQuant and TT API/FIX is a great combo.

    You could also just write your own little program that could do the same thing in c++ and hook it into TT

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    From a Computer Science Major's perspective, OpenQuant is a fine piece of software. It was clearly planned and coded by a team with good software design experience. Two signs of this are its modularity and model-view-controller (MVC) pattern- both of which indicate that it was planned to be a long-term project.

    I have not tried NinjaTrader but it sounds like a good platform for those with less theoretical programming training.

    Max Dama
  8. How about RightEdge compared to NT and Openquant?
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    RightEdge looks prettier (antialiased-looking charts) than OpenQuant. It also looks like they are making basically the same piece of software. The reason I didn't pick RightEdge was because I was worried the developers might get burned out before finishing/polishing the software (it happens) and the graphics were not compelling enough to trump that.

    Max Dama
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    Yes, I would also agree that RightEdge and OpenQuant are basically along the same path with OpenQuant being out front.

    I think if the RightEdge people burn out it might be because they spend too much time helping people use their software.
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