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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saatfj, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. saatfj


    I am looking into getting NinjaTrader and i am testing it now.
    I like the Automation feature partnered with Interactive Brokers.
    I want to trade using my strategies, although Im mostly used to Tradestation ELD but like the Strategy Wizzard feature in NT. Any suggestions remarks welcomed. Thanks
  2. Yeltraba


    If trading futures, I would be very careful about using Interactive Brokers. I started using NinjaTrader with IB but had to switch after multiple technical glitches. After moving to Amp Futures with Zenfire technology, I am much more pleased.
  3. 4XIS4U


    I now use NT with TT feed (Velocity) and is f a s t, also have IB and the datafeed is mediocre compared to TT, not to include the order execution speed...
  4. bluelou


    I'm satisfied with NinjaTrader (NT). I'm using it with TTFIX (via Velocity) and IQFeed data for fully-automated futures trading.

    Customer service is good. Flexibility to add 3rd-party DLLs is good enough - but no support for this at all. Strategy execution appears to be truly event-driven, not some bullshit macro like TradeStation.

    My only serious complaint is the memory footprint. NT is an incredible hog with memory when backtesting. If you're working with tick data, as I am, you can pretty much forget about optimization. To be fair, however, NT has said that they plan to release a version w/an improved memory footprint early next year.

    If you're using tick data and concerned about backtesting and optimization you might want to take a look at RightEdge. They have a new version coming out any time now that has what they call "data-on-demand". Also, RightEdge customer service appears to be as quick or nearly as quick as NT's customer service.

  5. So you are saying running NT through IB's there was a problem?
    I have used it through zenfire and it works ok.But not perfect.
    What exactly was the problem with IB's?
    Do you know you can pay only something like $33 a month to get pure E-signal data into NT?
    Can you still execute the trades through IB's using the E-signal data?
    E-signal craps all over ZenFire.
  6. moarla



    I would be interested to hear a more detailed statement, searchinh for the right trading platform....
    you are saying execution speed on TT is faster then on IB: how did you test id? (execution speed is not datafeed speed!). I hear so often, ZENFIRE is faster then IB, but they are speaking about FEED...
    Is there someone who can give me a clear indication, which platform should be the best for execution?
  7. Yeltraba


    Unfortunately Esignal is not really that cheap to use with NinjaTrader either:

    You'll see you actually have to pay a $50 data access fee, then $35 for access to futures, and then the exchange fees. If you want access to stocks you have shell out an additional $35 + exchange fees.

    Having said that, Zenfire provides excellent data for day trading. However, if you need to look at daily/weekly charts, you need to pay up for a premium data service. When I had IB, NinjaTrader constantly froze, I had gaps in intra-day charts, and I had issues with fills. If you are day trading and scalping the market, IB is insufficient. No comparison to Zenfire.
  8. zu001


    NT with TT in Velocity has NO any problem.