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  1. I've researched most of the brokerages that offer the NT platform. Before I decide, I'd like advice from actual traders who are currently using NT or who have used it with a brokerage in the past. A non recommendation would actually help me as well as far as who to stay clear of. Does anyone out there recommend a particular brokerage that they have used NT with or are currently using NT with. This will help me decide much better than what the sales reps are telling me. Thanks everyone
  2. NT for Nasdaq and NYSE stocks....

    What reallly needs to happen is for NT to be able to work with
    Genesis Laser....

    When this happens....

    This will be the next leg up for the trading business....

    for NYSE and Nasdaq stocks...

    Laser with NT capability would rule.....
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    NinjaTrader is primarily a futures execution platform, although now it is moving towards more of a all in one software situation.

    So, are you looking for the platform to execute futures trades? If so there are many solid brokers who can be accessed via NT. The Zenfire feed works well. As does TT's feed. Definitely look for a broker who has one or both of those feeds.

    If you're just looking for data to power free Ninja then, even more data sources.

    If you want to trade stocks using NT then I believe at this time the only broker that will work with is IB

    Forex, only executes through GainCapital (who I know nothing about) and as soon as beta 6.5 is released as a working version, Ninja will work with IB's Idealpro.
  4. Mirus Futures/Ninja Trader
    Global Futures/Ninja Trader
    vCap Futures/Ninja Trader

    ... the list goes on and on.

    I personally trade through Global Futures (started with them, now they work pretty hard to keep me happy, so I am).

    If you visit the NinjaTrader website you will see a plethora of brokerages that they've partnered with.

    It is by far the best order entry platform for day traders with a wide list of brokerages that support it. They work pretty hard to please everyone, and since I think that is impossible, I have to say that I respect them for it.
    You have to first figure-out who you are as a trader and your the style of trading that suits you before you can begin to know what type of setup suits you, but for what it does, NinjaTrader is one of the best (not the best, but in the Top 3).

    Good trading.
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    I have also tried Alaron (NT via TT) but I would not recommend as they have poor communication skills and bad tech support.

    I have just moved to AMP Futures using NT and so far very happy with their service and commission.

    Hope it helps.