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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Triple X, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I'm using Ninjatrader, and I'm having a problem with entering limit orders on the DOM. Basically, they hang for a few seconds, with lots of hard drive chatter. I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same problem, and if I get a much faster PC, will that take the problem away? I was using x-trader before, and the fills were lightning fast. Thanks.
  2. Used to have the same problem running an older pc, upgraded a couple of months ago and everything is instant now.

    Also previously used X Trader and worked on old pc.

    I understand Ninja uses a lot of resource
  3. Thanks, yeah I'm using a P4 3ghz, and just upgraded the RAM to 3 gb and it still happens. Guess it's time for a faster PC.
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    That should be plenty to run NINJA. What data feed are ou using to trade? PATS, TT, or zen fire?
  5. I'm using a TT feed. My hard drive is 80 gb, but only has a 2 mb cache. I'm wondering if upgrading to a HDD with a 16 mb cache might make a difference, because it seems the hard drive is what gets stressed, not the CPU. I like the PC and video cards.
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  7. Actually no... not true. I had the exact same problem using a 2.4 P4 2 Gig RAM.

    Upgraded to a 6750 with 2 Gig Ram and an Abit IP 35 Pro Motherboard and the thing f'n smokes. Unreal. I thought lag had something to do with the communications delay between NT and IB but now it's instant. I use Esignal Data and was able to move orders "like butter" during last weeks fed meeting!!!

    I now have about 14 windows open when I trade and never see the cpu go over 10%. I can edit video's, burn DVD's, and trade highly volatile markets all at the same time now. I have been building and upgrading pc's for 20 years and this is the most noticeable upgrade I can remember.
  8. Not a techie so cant comment too much .

    But upgraded to a similair spec and agree it flies now, previously had 2 gig of RAM and still have so no change there.

    Use Ninja with a TT and a Zen feed and both slick
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback!