NinjaTrader on W2K

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wallace, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. in case you thought Ninja Trader won't run on W2K SP4

    I'd installed NT's demo a couple of weeks ago without problems then
    uninstalled it
    Wed I had to do an hd format then installed the NJ demo via:
    this time NJ wouldn't install - 4 error messages and contacting Support
    it was suggested I install 'MS Jet Database engine' which I did but no
    improvement; Support also said the minimum OS is XP - I didn't know, but
    the first error msg stated 'Microsoft Data Access Components MDAC v 2.6'
    were missing so I installed them and voila — NJ installed and all appears to
    be working correctly, realtime feed verified with alternate, order entry ok tho
    it's within the computer

    I do not know of course if there may be conflicts somewhere else
    with this NJ-W2K combination, won't be using many of the order
    entry functions - just the B/S/C, not going live for a few weeks
    but if anyone is/has used this combo please advise particularly if
    there's been any problems
  2. Well done. I've always been a fan of lean, mean W2k for trading applications. XP is a terrible O/S for trading unless you've got the latest hardware. Even then, W2k is comparable in efficiency even with a 3 year old processor.
    Next up: XP with SP3. It "may" improve things a bit....we'll see.