NinjaTrader (NT) questions

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gamblerKi, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. I imported some tick data through the Historical Data Manager successfully. The tick data was stored in :

    "C:\Documents and Settings\gamblerKi\My Documents\NinjaTrader 7\db\tick".

    I found that the NinjaTrader Replay did not read the data in the above directory, instead it read the data in :

    "C:\Documents and Settings\gamblerKi\My Documents\NinjaTrader 7\db\data"

    1. Can the NT Replay engine use the imported tick data?
    2. What is the purpose of importing tick data in NT?

  2. I know nothing about NT. However - if you have 2 files tick and data - then

    1. You have to change something. The program is pointing to the data file instead of the tick file.

    2. Or - name the data file something else and then name the tick file data

    Of course 1 is better. Suggest reading documentation a little closer.