Ninjatrader Marketprofile indicator code wanted

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by abaker, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. nidarian


    You dont have a problem with ninja trader, cause you have no idea what you are missing or what to look for in a trading app. Have you ever compared the data in ninja to TT or tradestation for example?

    Get ninja with a TT feed, and have Xtrader on another machine, and tradestation on 3rd machine. Try them all with just one symbol, then you will undrestand the problems.

    The data in ninja is rubbish. I can prove it with detail screenshots and movies but I wont. Its totaly not acceptable for me. But hey, if you trade once a week, then you have no problem and nothing to worry about!
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  2. notouch


    I think you have anger issues my friend. NinjaTrader are not a data provider.
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  3. nidarian


    I didnt say they were data providers. Where did I say that? Thank heavens they dont prvide data :p

    The software was not designed to handle realtime data from datafeed. On the surface it looks fine to the novice eye. Dig deep and its scary how bad it HANDLES REALTIME DATA.

    Now you really dont want me to go into the details. It would be a disastor for the company! :)

    I am shocked taht no one even notices these issues and the negative impact it can have on your indicators, execution and systems!

    All scaplers be warned. You only get half the story with ninja, I am sure some one in here knows what I am talking about!!

    Regarding anger isssues, i dont have any, and aplogies if this sounds angry to all, its really not anger, just trying to save lives here!!!
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  4. notouch


    I think you're referring to the NinjaTrader DOM. This thread is not about scalping but about a Market Profile indicator on their free charting package. Market Profile utlilises 30 minute TPOs and is not really a scalpers tool. Whether NinjaTrader is good or bad for scalping is not really relevant to this thread. There are no data issues at all on the Market Profile TPO chart or on 5 minute candlestick charts.
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  5. nidarian


    Oh yes the problem i am talking about will effect market profile as it effects the volume and also effects the charts and ultimately your analysis.

    I am fully aware of profile tools and how they are calculated, and how they are used.

    Unfortunately this game you are playing doesn’t give you a second chance to change your mind, you will pay instantly and ignorance will result in loss of capital. Period.
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  6. notouch


    If you could explain the nature of this supposed problem I think you'd have more credibility.

    I've been using it for some months without "paying instantly" or losing capital.
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