NinjaTrader is growing! Looking to fill 6 open positions.

Discussion in 'Events' started by NinjaTrader_Ray, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Hi Ray,

    Happy New Year!!!!! Congrats on the growth!!!!!!

  3. Really good to be informed the company has made significant progress.
    Just a question: any reasons there are no tech openings? all sales and cusomer service?
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    We plan to hire in our technology team later this year.
  5. Just curious and trying to understand, is it still the same technology team that is in place when you took over Mirus? In a post you wrote:

    ""Furthermore, the following changes have occurred on my watch:

    • I have thrown BigTick into the trash
    • The BigTick development team is no longer with us
    • The CEO of Mirus€™ parent company is no longer with us
    • I have propagated NinjaTrader platform customer support policies, procedures and systems to NinjaTrader Brokerage
    • Re-organized the team under me to operate more effectively and efficiently"
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    No it is not as per my post you highlighted.
  7. Ray - you have to be very honest here. I have worked w/ Ninja support for 5 years but this week, I had terrible time with your support. I had problems with live trades and Tuesday, talked to someone scheduled a call at 12pm and never called and never replied my email.
    today, 2nd guy scheduled call at 1145am,. never called and never replied my email.
    your support has become so unprofessional ?? cant support Live trading for life time license holding ??
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    That is truly unacceptable. What is your ticket number and I will look into this immediately.
  9. 1229481. thks. James, VC-customer support responded AFTER i sent 3 emails and keep asking, which I dont intend to. it is their job to answer
  10. i asked James to call me tomorrow and havent recd response yet. i would definitely need live and better support for Live trading issues. not this way
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