NinjaTrader Introduces Brokerage Services - $3.38 per round turn "all in"

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    Denver, CO, June 30, 2014 -€“ NinjaTrader Group, LLC has announced the launch of NinjaTrader Brokerage following their acquisition of Mirus Futures. The new brokerage will leverage the best of both award winning teams to address unfulfilled traders'€™ expectations and transform the traditional ways brokerage is conducted.

    "€œThe NinjaTrader acquisition is exciting not only for current Mirus Futures clients and users of the NinjaTrader platform, but for the futures industry as whole"€ stated Eliot Wickersheimer, EVP of Brokerage Operations. "€œFutures traders have been searching for more transparency and a €˜next generation€™ user experience," continued Wickersheimer. "€œWith the launch of NinjaTrader Brokerage, we are now uniquely positioned to deliver on those expectations while simultaneously lowering trader costs."

    NinjaTrader and Mirus Futures have over 10 years of demonstrated growth operating as partners with a shared common goal: empower traders with outstanding service and industry leading technology. This shared goal, proven history and desire to advance the trading experience made Mirus Futures an easy selection for NinjaTrader'€™s strategic expansion into the delivery of brokerage services.

    "€œAs the industry'€™s leading platform provider, we have witnessed the inefficiencies of brokerage along with the resulting frustrations experienced by our traders,"€ stated Raymond Deux, Founder and CEO of NinjaTrader. "Our dedication to providing an exceptional client experience will remain paramount within NinjaTrader Brokerage. Combined with our award winning platform and extensive Ecosystem of 400+ partners, we will provide self-directed traders with unprecedented levels of service and functionality."€

    NinjaTrader Brokerage is immediately available to accept new clients with Dorman Trading as their Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). Existing users of the NinjaTrader platform do not have to make any changes to their current brokerage relationships and the transition to NinjaTrader Brokerage for existing Mirus Futures clients is completely seamless.

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  3. JamesL


    Does this mean that going forward, NT will not be an option for other brokerages/fcms? I no longer see the partners link relating to other brokers on your software section site anymore. I refuse to use anything that has Mirus fingerprints on it after the shit from this January
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    I assume this means you don't have to switch to Mirus unless you want to.
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    You don't have to switch to NinjaTrader Brokerage, you can continue using the platform through your existing brokerage relationship.
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    No, that's not what it means. Existing clients can continue to use NinjaTrader through their existing brokerage relationship.

    This has been relocated to our new ecosystem website.
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    Who do you clear through?
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    We partner with Dorman Trading as Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). Dorman Trading is a clearing member of the CME Group and ICE and clears hundreds of "local" Chicago floor traders, the most demanding professional day traders in the world.

    This information is publicly stated here -
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    Hi Ray,

    congratulations to the acquisition and the start of NT brokerage.

    I really like the package that you offer now. NT is a good platform, Dorman for your clearing is great, one of the most professional FCMs in the business, and your fees (for those who have a lifetime license) are VERY competitive, existing and new clients should understand that usually you only get commission rates like that if you have a monthly volume of at least 1000 cars.

    I wish you good business for this new part of your company.

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    Hi Ray,

    what about the data providers?
    I have heard after July 15th NinjaTrader will be only available with Continuum.
    What about clients of other brokerages who use TT or Rithmic?

    Btw, the link to Rithmic as a NinjaTrader partner is no longer available:

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