Ninjatrader Freezing When I Place Trades

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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It's to the point that I'm getting horrible fills due to the slippage will the platform locks-up. Ninja with Zenfire is supposed to be solid and I would figure my trades should be going through almost immediately when I click the button.
  2. Who told you Ninja with Zenfire is stable?

    I dont want to complain about zen-fire...
    ...but I desperately wait for the soon coming ninja 7 beta to put some quality into that platform or it is "Tradex" for me (which is an internal project and not public yet, sorry) ;)

    I have tons of problems with Ninja ;)
  3. Only thing I can suggest is check your memory usage. Anything .net is a resource hog. Do you have atleast 2 gig of RAM dual core CPU?
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    right before i started trading live with ninjatrader, i backed up the bare essentials in file -> utilities -> backup. then i uninstalled ninjatrader AND the 3GB of junk in the my documents/ninjatrader 6.5 folder. then reinstall ninjatrader and restore the backup and my ninja was much faster after that.

    i only backed up the core config/workspaces/ninjascript and something else (i'd check now but i'd have to disconnect). i didn't need the trace files, historical db, trade executions etc. give this a go and see if it helps.
  5. I would be curious to hear the resolution as I am debating switching back to them from TransAct.
  6. Sounds like a good idea, except if you have an execution issue there is no history correct?
  7. Wait.

    Ninja 7 is out end of next month latest. LOTS of things changed, including getting rid of the stupid jet engine, switching it out against sql server embedded.

    many people have hope in that. otherwise... well ;)
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    correct. but as long as there are no issues before you erase the history you're fine.

    the history will start rebuilding itself as soon as ninja starts running again.

    but if you'd rather not fuck around with that, i think there is an option to backup the executions as well.
  9. Cool, that's what I wondered whether it started to rebuild after you did it. Good tip.

    On a side note it's amazing how more hp works wonders with NT. I have dual core 2 gig or ram, and it takes awhile to load sometimes, my buddy has quad core with 4 gigs or ram instataeously.
  10. I've got a Dell Deminsion 8300 running XP Home, with 2 gigs RAM, and Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz.

    I was just told that it was outdated and I should buy a whole new computer.
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