NinjaTrader FDAX automated trading system(s) for lease.

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  1. Hi,

    I like offer FDAX futures trading system(s) for lease.
    I'll send 2 week trial under request. During this time you will able try system.
    If you have interested PM me.

    This week result (with -1000 daily loss and +1500 daily profit) NINJA TRADER connected to VELOCITY FUTURES simulated:

    FEB 2 +900
    FEB 3 +1500
    FEB 4: -1000
    FEB 5: -1000
    FEB 6: +1500

    F.M. :cool:
  2. Small Friday 13 NINJATRADER TT (VELOCITY) simulation trades sample ;)

  3. l2tradr


    Why simulated and not traded live with your own money?
  4. It's a pity, but I'm poor man.
    I can't find investor for split base trading also. And looks like one way for me have any money from my idea is looking traders who will lease my system(s).

  5. l2tradr


    You can't afford 5K to trade 2 contracts at a time with plenty of intra-day margin given the fact that brokers give you 500 intra-day margin?
  6. 5k and 2 contracts? I'm not sure about it.
    For fdax need at least 10-15k euro per lot.
    This is my estimation.

  7. Looks good. Does your strategy work for other products like Gold, Oil, Bonds?
  8. George, I have sent PM to you. Check your EliteTrader mail box, please.