Ninjatrader didn't work, SierraTrader anyone? Your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by schulzey, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. schulzey


    My first foray into futures I used ninjatrader and I was having glitches with trading during ETH. Apparently it's not supported with my current broker setup. I was getting pretty used to the program, but the glitches made it unusable.

    I'm looking into Sierra trader now and I was curious if anyone has any bad or good experiences they'd like to share. I trade ES and M6E, mostly in ETH and sometimes holding for a day or two.

    With ninjatrader I got used to the chartrader and find it very convenient. On the sierra trader website I see they have a charttrader as well. Anyone have any thoughts on their chart trader?

  2. BSAM


    Who's your broker?
    How many trades a day do you make?
  3. schulzey


    About 5-10 trades per day, most of which during ETH on the ES.
  4. Kirkx


    You can browse their customer support forums to get an idea if there are any common bugs or complaints:

    Sierra probably has some kind of free trial or low fee trial.

    It's very lean and efficient application. For instance, there are no settings stored in Windows registry, and no subfolders spread all over drive C, so it's easy to copy it to another computer.
  5. dom993


    How about switching to a Ninja-supported broker ?