Ninjatrader Data problems

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by katiewc, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. katiewc


    Hi everyone, anyone else notice that Ninjatrader seems to display data on the wrong date or is it just my computer setting?

    ie. I have use IB and Yahoo to disply Friday (nov. 7) trading data... but on a daily chart for some reason it shows the date as nov 8, 2008. anyone know why?

    thx in advance for any help.

    (also my comp is set at 13 hrs ahead of NY time.. dunno if that's why.. but pretty sure it shouldn't be. thanks again)
  2. katiewc


    actually i set my copmuter to NY time and it still doesn't work... still showing Friday's data as Nov 8th
  3. Surdo


  4. katiewc


    i did but no response. anyone else?
  5. wenzi


    'Ninja Trader uses your local PC time so it is correct to show a day ahead since your time is one day ahead. Close on the 7th is the 8th. Changing your PC time will only help going forward.

    I keep my machine on exchange time to avoid this type of problem.
  6. katiewc


    hi thanks for your help. anyone know of anyway to avoid this problem? i don't really wanna change my computer time to nyc time...
  7. Surdo


    Have you e mailed them, I get a FAST educated response from NinjaTrader every time, you are just lazy!