NinjaTrader Charting Pivot Points Incorrectly?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by FortuneTeller, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it sure seems that NT pivot points are way off.

    Example: PP today on NT is 1325.75 when I believe it should be 1322.75 or so.

    R1 is on NT is 1336.00 when I believe it should be 1330.25 or so.

    And no, they aren't Woodie's pivots. Using ZenFire data. (IB is the same).
  2. Which contract?

    Today's ES September contract was:

    1325.00 PP
  3. Some Pivot Calculators use the Open, some use the "close", some the true Settlement price.
    I trade the YM, and cook my own using OHLC, with the close being the CBOT Settlement price.
  4. ES September.

    Just opened NT again and I am getting 1325.75 as my PP and 1336.00 as R1 which is close to what you have but using a pivots calculator I get the #'s I wrote in my post above. Either way, my NT is still off from your numbers a little bit. Maybe my pivots calculator is out to lunch.
  5. Anyone know what NinjaTrader is using? I assumed it was high/low/close (using cash session).
  6. I just figured out I had the pivot indicator in NT to calculate from Daily bars instead of intraday. I guess you can do either or use your own values. I was wondering why my own values wouldn't work. It's because you have to have it on that setting.
  7. Sierra has quite a few, that's for sure. I must be out of the loop because I have never heard of Frank Dilernia Pivots.