Ninjatrader Brokerage Reviews?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by canuck, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. canuck


    So it's been a little while, what is the overall feedback regarding the new Ninja brokerage offering?

    (Yes I know they're not exactly 'new', but I'm still curious regarding opinions)

    Thanks, much appreciated!!
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  2. xandman


    A limited number of platforms nad commissions are great.

    Since if they are getting into the brokerage business, however, they need to step up with their base platform.

    Ninjatrader platform now has to compete with basic platform offerings such OEC Trader at the minimum. Other discount brokers have white label solutions.
  3. I would say it has been a non-event. I was a Mirus customer before Ninja and still have an account. Nothing bad to say, nothing really good or different to say, just the same brokerage solution as before.
  4. canuck


    Great, thanks for your feedback
  5. Howard


    It hope it's okay to bump this topic three years later.

    As I'm in the process of opening a new account, I'm curious if anyone has any actual experiences to share with regards to Ninjatrader Brokerage.

    Since I'd prefer to use NT, they seem like a good solution.
  6. Howard



    I was surprised to find that you have virtually no other option than NT Brokerage if you want to use Ninja. Sad. But, I like Ninja and don't like the idea of learning a new platform right now...

    Can anyone share some experiences here? I read a thread at some other forum and there seemed to be mixed experiences...
  7. speedo


    I have no complaints Howard. Pretty much the same service as the old Mirus (other than the zenfire clone screw up). They are just the IB as was Mirus with Dorman as FCM. I do believe there is another option as to FCM tho.
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  8. Howard



    Something I find important:

    The ability to manage trades outside Ninja. As we both know, a software freeze may happen. When I traded through IB, I could manage my trades in TWS if something happened in Ninja (actually, it never did).

    Do something like that exist for this solution? I wouldn't want to make a phone call. But a web interface or some back-up solution?


    PS: Do you have experience with any other brokers other than this to compare? I was happy with IB, but I find their margins are slightly too high for day trading.
  9. speedo


    IB, tradestation and others. With NT as with Mirus, you have a direct line to the trading desk if there is a software or connection problem while in a trade.
  10. Howard


    I'm not aware of the Mirus solution. Does this mean a phone call?

    I don't feel that's sufficient for day trading. I'd prefer an online alternative to NT where I could quickly liquidate or manage my open positions.
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