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  1. For automatic trading Interactivebrokers accounts from eSignal EFS, which one is better: NinjaTrader or TradeBolt? NinjaTrader seems much cheaper than TradeBolt. Does it come with less features than TradeBolt? Anyone has experience with either of them? Please give some review or share your experience. Thanks in advance.

    - Clearpicks
  2. interesting question - anyone have info ?
  3. and how do they compare to cqg trader
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    what specific features are you looking for?
  5. I am only interested in those "basic" features: sending limit/mrk orders to open positions, sending limit/stop orders as bracket orders , getting feedback about how orders get filled, cancelling or modifying existing orders, etc. I am also wondering how they handle connection disruption when some entity has to be restarted which may result some information such as existing order ids, order execution information fired by TWS while NT/TB is down etc., get lost and never be retrieved.

    - Clearpick
  6. I have only heard good things about tradebolt. Ninjatraders auto trading functionality had a few issues a while back. They may have been ironed out by now.

  7. Runningbear,

    Could you be more specific about what were those issues? Thanks.

    - Clearpicks
  8. is trade bolt better than strategy runner lite?
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    Strategy Runner Lite is not used to automate TS systems,
    for this you will need SR Pro and its plug and play integration tool for TS, it also has the added benefit and advantage that allows you to use SR's Server base technology to executes on multiple accounts and even multiple brokers from a single screen via Servers.
    Now SR also supports FX
  10. I remember the version of Ninjatrader prior to the latest version encountered some problems with its automated trading functionality. But we are talking a while back - 12 months or so.

    There has been a few ET members who have used tradebolt and have been happy with it. Do a search on 'Tradebolt' and see if you can find the previous messages.

    One thing I've noticed about tradebolt is the lack of problem issues on their web forum. Some of the others seem to have to deal with a lot of ongoing bugs but tradebolt doesn't have much of this. Which makes me think its fairly solid.

    If you're using EFS to trigger your trades I think you're more likely to run into problems with a lagging data feed than with the execution software.

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