NinjaTrader-AMP-CQG down

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wallace, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. 6pm PST at Connect:
    "AMP: Disconnect enforced due to undesired CQG API state.
    Please contact NinjaTrader support for further instructions."

    7pm PST:
    NT Support: "I am seeing the same behavior here and am hearing the same
    reports from other users. Based on the hour of the day, I'd expect that this
    is a server maintenance period."

    a 'server maintenance period' ?????

    first I've experienced or heard of 'server maintenance period' during the trading day
    anyone know if this has happened before ?
  2. cosmic


    should not be a maintenance one wallace, as far as I'm aware it's being investigated at this point in time, let's hope it's straightened out until US mkt open then.
  3. AMP_Trading

    AMP_Trading ET Sponsor

    This issue has been resolved however traders may need to restart their NinjaTrader.

    Thank you for the emails to support, this allowed us to get the correction processed quickly.
  4. moarla


    seems still in beta testing modus....
  5. tallpaw


    Anybody else having a problem right now ... AMP futures ... Ninjatrader with CQG is down :mad: 10-6-2011 4:23 a.m. EST
  6. tallpaw, yes, I got the failed login, phoned AMP and they said CQG was back up
    hit the Connect again and it went thru ok
    not long after got the lady telling me there was a disconnection, but the prices
    continued updating, then the connection came back up
    nothing on the NT forum about it