NinjaTrader 8 traders in the Toronto area. Want to hook up with other traders using this, and IBKR

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by skiing60, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. skiing60


    Hi I'd like o hook up with others in the Toronto area to help each other with Trading on these platforms. NT8 & IBKR.
    Solve problems like this:
    During my order placement, can I use a Fibinocci tool with NT8?
    Thanks Paul M
  2. Overnight


    The broker doesn't matter, just the platform.

    You'd have to create a custom NinjaScript indicator that combines a fib cycle with order entry that can hook into the ATM functionality of NT. It is not something you can do automatically, out of the box, which is what you seem to be asking.

    As someone suggested in the other thread you asked this, your easiest way is to just draw your fib lines, and then set your limit order at the point on the fib line where you wish to take a direction. At that point you would already have your pre-set stops/targets/trails etc in the ATM for when the entry order is executed.
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  3. skiing60


    Yes. It requires more labor and monitoring. For initial testing, I'm trying to integrate some automation also.