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  2. "Yes, both version can be installed on the same computer.

    Not all custom items can be migrated from 6.5 to 7. Please see this post which details what can be transfered.
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    Can I have NT 6.5 and NT 7 on the same machine so I can test out NT 7 without over riding NT 6.5? Also can I import data, workspace and downloaded ninja-scripts from NT 6.5 into NT 7?


    For those unfamiliar with NT, it is a free for charting and simulation package with DOM, ATM strategy, C# script programming, development for indicators and strategy and connectivity to various brokers and datafeeds. For example, if you have Interactivebroker, you can use NT for data collection, charting and simulation trading. Actual live trading will require a subscription or purchase.
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    Ninjatrader 7 . . Woof . . still a dog with fleas. Both Beta 13 and 14 still lock up on two separate computers. I've already done a day+ of troubleshooting with techs with nothing resolved . . a friend and other folks having same problems on NT forum. I'd give them another six months . . about Beta 20. Version 7 looks great when it works but Version 6.5 works fine for me now.