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    On balance, I'm pleased with the performance of NZ, but I don't like the freeze-up that occasionaly occurs in fast markets, particularly ES.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. That's odd the only freezes I experience I do so in Tradestation. When comparing both side to side Zenfire is infinite times better when things get wild. Not only against tradestation data, IB as well.

    I think Zenfire for intraday data is spectacular. Your only other option as far as speed goes is X-Trader but prepared to pay a hefty premium and probably nothing that Zenfire will envy although this is pure speculation as I've never tested X-trader myself. I encourage you to do your own testings.

    I've been using Zenfire (propietary of Ninja) for speed and Tradestation because they maintain backdata and do auto future rollover adjustment which is very handy when examining the big picture.

    Hope it helps but if you are not pleased with Zenfire, I think you will find yourself disappointed looking at other options if speed is your concern.

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    Interestingly, I also use TS but only for charts as I consider Ninja's a bit inferior, but TS NEVER has frozen or lagged on me.

    But let me be clear: the issue I have is pinpointed to the news reports that come at 8:30, 10:00 or FOMC; otherwise NZ can handle anything during the day.

    So, perhaps there is an issue with the local ISP. I really don't have a clue.
  4. It's completely the opposite for me.

    Data hangs in TS and not in Zenfire.

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    Been using Ninja / Zen for several months & have not had an issue. Wish I could say the same thing for eSig (which I keep for reasons similar to Anek).
  6. by freezing do you mean you can't for instance use any Tools or
    change timeframe, or do you mean the 'last trade' price indicator
    on the right margin stops jumping up and down ?
  7. I have noticed in the past couple of months that I am getting intermittent freezes with Zen-Fire (and with ES in particular).

    I notice that it's less likely to happen if I am running fewer charts with indicators that are updated on a tick-by-tick basis.

    What else are you running in Ninja apart from the DOM?

    The other possibility is that Zen-Fire is becoming a victim of its own success (i.e., customer growth is exceeding infrastructure growth).
  8. It depends on how your CPU is fast

    You can set each chart with a different chart update interval in milliseconds

    the best thing you can do if you open a lot of charts, it is to set to zero only the chart (instrument) you trade
  9. Hi Anek. With some brokers like Velocity Futures X-trader can be had for a slightly higher commision rate per contract, and no monthly fees, for low volume traders. Higher volume traders can negotiate their commission, as you probably already know.

    An alternative to X-trader with comparable speed and reliability is Photontrader Pro, yet it is relatively new compared to X-trader.

    X-trader and Photontrader are the highest speed reliable platforms out there, asides of a Globex2 machine. Most everything else, including IB, is in my opinion, an expensive toy to use. I'd love to read about a test comparing these 3 platforms side by side, from a reliable third party source: G2, XT, and Photon.

    I have also noticed TS freeze ups, far too often, at the most unappropiate times. A single of those freeze ups has a large cost, that each trader must calculate and prorate per contract depending on his method of trading.


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    On Ninja, the DOM just hangs for a second or two while prices are swinging rapidly and wildly. Again, I just use TS for charts and have no problems during these times, they track price accurately on the bars.

    My CPU has ample power so these programs aren't sucking up much resources during news driven spikes.
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